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Save a Buck?

One service I always offer is a full antivirus installation including at least a year license. Getting the full version usually gets you a better/faster update for all things within the program. That includes program updates and virus signature files (the files that identify the new types of virus and trojans out there). There are several people who always try to save some cash and avoid the extra expense by either not getting any antivirus or getting a free version later on, on their own. 

Save Large iPhone Videos to Dropbox

If you own an iPhone and recorded large video files, you know there's an issue with saving/sharing the larger videos to your computer or elsewhere. Apple gives you the option to use the iCloud/iDrive or whatever they're calling it these days, but maybe as a savy phone user you want to put those videos elsewhere! Well here's a simple solution.

You're going to need Dropbox. It's a free to use program/app that allows you to share files across all your devices and even with others. Once you have Dropbox installed, you will notice it asks you if you want to activate the automatic photo upload feature. I recommend that you do NOT. Aside from some free options to increase your storage space with Dropbox, they only give you a few gigabytes of storage. Let's be as savy with our storage as we are with our phone and manually upload the more important photos and videos. Here's how you do it.

Chrome Browser Problems

Google Chrome browser is something I usually recommend for an alternative browser. When running it on a desktop computer or laptop it generally works without incident. However, when it comes to tablets and phones, things can run a litte differently.

Since tablets and phones run on a different operating system (Android and iOS are the most prevalent), they have to run a different code, and hence, the browser may behave differently. Recently I have been experiencing issues with the Chrome browser on our tablet devices. The screen will go blank in the browser window every once in a while, seemingly regardless of what site I'm browsing to or what else is running at the time.

Limited Return Window

Just because you order something from Amazon doesn't give you unlimited time to return it. Also, just because there is a return item button next to your item you recently ordered, doesn't mean it can be returned! 

Recently I ordered a few items, and was taking my time to find a part that went with it so I could then return everything together. Today I finally got everything gathered up and was about to print out a return slip from Amazon. I found the item that had a return button next to it, but when I clicked it, there was another page which gave the unwanted information that the return period had expired on a previous date... Now I must either deal with the manufacturer for the waranty, or repair the item myself.

So a word to the wise, check your ordered items more quickly, the return period is shorter than you think.

Free Xbox One AND 360 Games

Xbox One

If you have an Xbox 360 game system and subscribe to the Gold online membership, you are probably aware of the bi-monthly free games with gold. What you may not be aware of is that you can schedule your Xbox to download those free games by signing in to your Gold account through your web browser. 

Beware of Installing ANYTHING!

Do you search or find programs to install, simply by using Google, and choosing any link available? Maybe you also don't read the windows that pop-up once installation begins. If both of those are true, you also are likely to skip the EUA (End User Agreement) that may also pop-up. If all the above are true, your computer is most likely running on borrowed time.

Hidden programs are in a vast majority of the otherwise useful application or game you're installing on your computer. These programs are known by many names:

The REAL Price of Computers

A local business in Central Square just tasked me with putting together a proposal for a custom computer. I feel they may have sticker shock, however. Quality parts and a well thought out business computer is NOT an off the shelf system. Those companies with high advertising budgets and deep pockets are able to brainwash the public into thinking their inexpensive mass-produced systems will do everything that everyone wants and needs them to do... That is just not the case!

It takes time to learn what the customer needs and how they work. Once I have an idea of what they need, it then takes time to put together an order and await the customer's go-ahead.

Web Browser Crashes

 There's a lot of differences between Internet Explorer version 8 through vs 11. Several bug fixes, changes in the menu interface, plus the way web pages are displayed. However, if your computer crashes repeatedly or simply cannot display any web page, it's possible that your web browser is to blame.

IE 8

I recently came across a system that did not function correctly, not loading ANY web page. This system had other issues, but even once those were repaired this problem remained. Windows was fully updated to the latest browser, version 11 of Internet Explorer. So, it was down graded to version 10, then 9, finally 8. Eight was the ONLY version that would work! The same was true for Google Chrome, an older version from back in December 2013 was the only version that worked without crashing. In fact, the system crashed to the point of a blue screen...

Dirty Computers

This is one of the dirtiest desktop systems I've ever worked on. It was surprising the system was still running with how much dirt was inside this system! As part of our full service, the system was cleaned up inside and out. This did take quite some time, but the customer was not charged for the added service. 

A computer with this much dust and dirt inside can experience overheating and even component failure. If you bring your system in for service it is always thoroughly cleaned. Doing so will add to the life of your system.

Refurbished Computers Available

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • Windows 7, 64 bit
  • 8 USB Ports

$175 + Tax

Add a 17" flat panel monitor, keyboard and mouse and pay only

$200 + Tax 

Windows 7 PC for sale

Also available are several 17" flat panel monitors for

$30 + Tax

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