If you obtained an iPhone from someone who didn’t remove the iPhone icloud lock or you lost your appleid and are not able to unlock your own phone you may have found several places on the internet that claim to offer an unlock service or an icloud unlock service. Unless you have an older iPhone 4, let me set the record straight. It is currently not possible to remove the activation lock for anything newer than an iPhone 4!

There is one program that has been seen a lot called doucli activator. This program claims to be able to remove the lock if you pay them money. First they expect you to complete an online offer just to download the program (which also tends to contain a virus). Once installed the program requires an activation code, which is what you expect to receive upon paying them. Several free codes are available online, but not surprisingly, none of them actually work. There are several reports online of people paying and never receiving a code.

There is however, one way to still get some use out of a, icloud locked iphone. You must use something such as a DNS bypass server. DNS stands for domain name server. Basically you’re setting up a proxy service whereby your phone is routed though an intermediary server (wifi only is in use, no cellular service). What you then get though some clever server side tricks are free access to text messaging, a web browser, amazon access, ebay, netflix, and a bunch of other applications and services.

Setting up the DNS bypass server is fairly simple but it is a little finicky. You must enter in the details manually every time your phone goes to sleep or is rebooted. The current maintainer of the service calls it a captive portal. Remember that if you’re using this service all your information is going through a third party’s servers, so use at your own risk. In order to be able to enter the settings you’ll have to hit your phone’s home button on the wi-fi screen, then you can hit the i icon to change the information.

  • Disconnect from Wi-Fi and remove the profile
  • Restart the device
  • Before connecting to Wi-Fi, enter the US DNS server address
  • Click the back button and wait for 5 seconds
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and enter the password (if your wi-fi is password protected)

Once you’re connected you hit the menu link for the options.

Even with all the options available through this work around your phone turns into a smaller tablet computer, without the ability to install new programs or make phone calls on. It is however, better than nothing, offering some usability once again.