If you’ve dropped your iPhone or Samsung cell phone, picked it up in a panic and found your screen is cracked, take a breath! The phone is most likely fine except that the glass is broken. Even if the touch screen function no longer works or isn’t working well, I can fix that as well.

I can repair a cracked screen and offer other cell phone repair services as well. Cracked iPhone screen repairs are most common and since these phones are so expensive it’s generally a good idea to have it fixed. Currently offering cell phone repairs in and around Syracuse, NY. Located in Central Square, NY I offer this service as a drop off or can come to you.

If the glass is the only part broken on the phone I can save you some money by just replacing that. Other cell phone repair shops will only offer a FULL display replacement, forcing you to pay for:

  • A new digitizer
  • New LCD
  • New glass
  • New camera
  • New home button

With all those parts it’s no wonder their costs are so high! That’s why I’ve decided to offer glass only screen repairs.

iPhone Screen Repair

  • Glass only repair: model 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair

  • Glass only repair: model S4, S5