Save Large iPhone Videos to Dropbox

If you own an iPhone and recorded large video files, you know there's an issue with saving/sharing the larger videos to your computer or elsewhere. Apple gives you the option to use the iCloud/iDrive or whatever they're calling it these days, but maybe as a savy phone user you want to put those videos elsewhere! Well here's a simple solution.

You're going to need Dropbox. It's a free to use program/app that allows you to share files across all your devices and even with others. Once you have Dropbox installed, you will notice it asks you if you want to activate the automatic photo upload feature. I recommend that you do NOT. Aside from some free options to increase your storage space with Dropbox, they only give you a few gigabytes of storage. Let's be as savy with our storage as we are with our phone and manually upload the more important photos and videos. Here's how you do it.

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