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Service Plan - $199

Unlimited virus removal

Unlimited virus removal

This service is for one computer. We’ll remove all the viruses and spyware from your computer. Next we’ll run a performance boost which cleans up unnecessary content and processes. If Windows needs repairing, we’ll do that too. Finally we’ll top it off by cleaning your computer of all the physical grime. Best of all, you’ll be protected with an antivirus program and free virus removals for an entire year!

Virus Removal - $120

One time removal

One time removal

This service is the same as the service plan, except it does not include unlimited virus removals nor an antivirus program.

Cloud Computing

Move to the Cloud

Move to the Cloud

We’ll setup and move your server, database and storage to the cloud. No more endless server upgrades and downtime! Experience higher availability and easier upgrades when needed.

Laptop Repairs

Screen replacements and DC Jack repairs: $90. Other repairs quote provided upon examination.


We setup both wired and wireless networks. From a few computers at your home to larger gigabit networks in your business, we can perform setups and troubleshooting.

Online Backup

50% of small businesses that experience a major data loss will go under.
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Local Backup

If you have larger data backup requirements a local solution may be best.

Custom Computers

We specialize in high end and mid range systems, for gamers, enthusiasts, or those who just demand quality.
High end systems starting at $2,300
Mid range systems from $1,500

Custom Arcade

Our systems are made FULL SIZE (over 6 feet tall), use AUTHENTIC arcade controls, and are fully movable with attached wheels! We also use REAL WOOD, not press-board. Everything is customized, from the artwork and game selection screens to the wood finish and control panel layout. Prices range from $900 – $7,500.

Secure Data Deletion

Hard drives are often recycled or sold still containing sensitive data. Many believe that surplus hard drives can be rendered unusable by drilling holes through them. That may render them unusable in the normal sense, but the data on them can still be recovered (we should know).

System Upgrades

Unable to play the latest game? Do you need the latest software package and your existing computer isn’t up to the challenge? Your computer may be able to be upgraded to allow life to go on.

Technical Support

If you’re in need of a professional to simply answer your questions, or provide training, we can help. Unlike others in the field who may or may not be certified, we actual hold college degrees in Information Technology and Education.

Insurance Claims

Should you experience a loss, contact us and we will be able to provide you with an estimate. This is for full replacement or repairs.

Data Recovery

Logical Recoveries
$350 – $995

Hardware Recoveries
Hardware recoveries are very involved, as such, the pricing is considerably higher than that of logical (software) recoveries. Pricing starts at $895.
There will be a minimum fee of $100, regardless of success for either service.

Windows Installation

Windows 10 is not as straight forward as Microsoft would have you believe. Windows installations and upgrades $120
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