I really appreciated that the company accommodated my schedule by making an appointment later than office hours. I work late and am often unable to get anywhere before 6 PM.
Cathy M.
Great service! My laptop was giving me constant issues, and these guys fixed it. Works as good as new. Seems like I just bought it. Very happy with my service, these guys are great. First class service.
Daniel P.
The provider came to my house and cleaned up two of my computer systems, also fixing my email so it would send and receive again and got rid of lots of junk. The systems work much better. I was very impressed with the provider and would call upon them again if I ever have problems.
John A.
Recovered grades from an Excel spreadsheet after the hard drive failed.
It was fast and easy. Kirk offered his services and told me when he could have the data recovered. When I informed him that I needed to recover my grade sheets before grades were due, he finished the job in one day. Paying was easy, everything being done on site.
Jeremy B.
My hard drive crashed and iRecoverData.com was able to retrieve all my files from my hard drive. I tried having someone else do it but they were unable to get all my files. I would HIGHLY recommend iRecoverData.com to anybody that needs work on their computer. He was very knowledgeable and efficient in his work.
Sarah R.
Kirk is very professional and reasonably priced. He also completed the job very efficiently. It has been about a year since this service and I have not had any issues with my computer in this time. I highly recommend this company.
Mary R.
Computer would not work to my satisfaction – Kirk cleaned up my computer , removed all viruses and installed a security system
As stated above my computer would not work and iRecoverData got it going – he is very knowledgeable and got the job done right and in a reasonable amount of time; I certainly would use this company again.
Sharon M.
He was here to configure software and settings and overall performance of our home PC. Kirk is always on time and knows what he is doing. I have learned a lot just asking questions and watching him complete the process. I have had Kirk here many times over the last several years to take care of any issues with our home PC. He is easy to talk to and very helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has an on-going problem with the PC. Thanks again, Kirk
Linda C.
My laptop was ready when he said it was going to be. There were no hidden fees – everything was upfront and explained to me so I understood. He didn’t try to sell me anything that I didn’t need.
Tracy O.
So grateful to have met and have a working relationship with iRecoverData for our small business. What a variety of solutions and knowledge that this company has to offer. Looking forward to expanding and furthering our business now that we have a reliable tech company.

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