Microsoft does it again. KB4517389 was released on October 8, 2019 and it’s causing more problems than it is supposed to fix. It’s causing critical errors for some, breaking the start menu (again) for others, and for even luckier users it’s breaking Windows 10 altogether. As for me I’m in the luckiest group where Windows fails to boot.

After Microsoft in its wisdom automatically sent KB4517389 to my newly built i5 computer via Windows update, Windows would no longer load. All automatic repairs failed. Luckily for me I created severalĀ restore points and was able to bring Windows back to a usable state. There was the problem now however, of the update reinstalling itself. Windows used to have the option to hide a specific update, but that solution is not included in Windows 10, not even in the Pro version. In order to accomplish this in Windows 10 you must download a program from Microsoft that will allow you to hide updates. If you don’t do this your system is doomed to repeat the spiraling update failure.

Even if your computer is not affected as severely as mine was, it’s still possible it will be plagued with the printing failure problem or the broken start menu. With all the recent Windows update problems I urge you to have a working backup of your system! Even having plenty of restore points available is better than nothing. If you need assistance in creating a backup plan, give us a call. If you wait until your system doesn’t boot it’s too late to use a backup to restore your computer.