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September 2015

Laptop Screen Repair

By |2015-09-09T11:47:57+00:00September 3rd, 2015|iRecoverData Tech Blog|

Have you dropped your laptop by tripping over the chord? Did your dog run by and smash it to the ground? Whatever happened, if your screen is broken, you need our laptop screen repair service! How much does it cost to repair the laptop screen? We charge $90 plus the cost of the screen.

Whether your screen […]

August 2015

Laptop Water Damage

By |2015-08-07T19:58:37+00:00August 5th, 2015|iRecoverData Tech Blog|

A customer brought in a laptop the other day stating it had water damage. She turned it on afterwards and found that the keyboard was not working correctly, some keys didn’t work on one side.

If this happens to you I recommend NOT turning it on at all, even removing the battery. The entire laptop should […]