Terms of Service

iRecoverData.com provides client services. All the client services have some terms and conditions and company policies. Before any service you must read and accept our policies and terms by signing the estimate, service agreement, maintenance form, etc. Failure to do so may delay your service. We will not bend these rules under any circumstances.

iRecoverData.com reserves the right to reject the service to any one at any time depending on the circumstances, such as: violence in behavior, aggressiveness, rudeness, health hazard, lack of heating or cooling, equipment damaged badly, equipment exposed to water, heat or any other such factor. You are required to let our technicians know of any damage, if you fail to do so iRecoverData.com and our technicians will not be responsible and your work may be rejected.

While we are at your place of business or home, you also agree to refrain from smoking, and will keep all pets away.

Work can be rejected or ended at any time, if any of the above becomes evident during the course of our work. At such time, we reserve the right to undo all work performed or demand payment for all work and time up to that point.

All systems should be wiped down prior to any work or drop-off at our location. If systems are deemed unsanitary or filthy, including but not limited to visible urine or urine smell, bodily fluids, sticky everywhere, covered by a layer of stinky grimy substance, we reserve the right to refuse service.

If emergency service is requested (either by choosing this option from the phone menu, or in person) a charge of double the hourly rate and/or flat rate will automatically be added to your invoice.

For laptops, desktops and gaming systems there is a flat rate charge for most services (parts and software not included). Flat rate only valid for systems brought to us. Prepay tickets are not valid for flat rate services.

Payment is expected at time of service, no exceptions. Any billing is only for services in advance. You agree to pay iRecoverData.com for all work performed, at the current rate, as agreed upon, as either flat rate, hourly, or both. We accept cash or credit cards. If paying by credit card, we must have confirmation of a successful payment, either by receiving a PAID RECEIPT or electronically, prior to leaving the premises. Taxes are collected for all products and services.

For residential service, it is our policy that if the problem cannot be resolved within 60 minutes, we recommend that your computer be taken to our lab (many issues can be resolved within this time). We have found this to be the most efficient way to provide quality service.

At iRecoverData.com, you can rest assured that your data will remain confidential. We will not browse through your system, looking for personal information; however, we may open files and documents to verify functionality or data recovery. All our specialists operate on an unwritten non-disclosure agreement, however we will agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement you present to us.

Your information is kept in a secure environment. We will protect the confidentiality of your data against unauthorized disclosure.
All backup copies will be purged within 7 days of account closing (or sooner at customer request).
Your contact information will not be sold or shared with anyone, period.
We guarantee the same high level of security and confidentiality to all of our clients.

If your computer or other device is dropped off or picked up by iRecoverData.com, and held in our possession for a period of 60 days, without payment made in full, said property will be considered abandoned, and becomes the sole property of iRecoverData.com.

On all computer repairs, computer upgrades and troubleshooting, we only warranty the service that was performed for the period of one month. Hardware Warranty is through the original manufactures only, unless otherwise specified in your contract.

Specific Exclusions:

Any software issues created and/or caused by “end user”.
Viruses, including spyware, malware, trojans, etc.
Evidence of tampering with the system settings.
Denial of our recommended services or actions needed.
We absolutely do not cover any misuse, tampering, abuse, fire, theft, accidental damage, surges, spikes, brown outs, etc. This applies to all our services.
iRecoverData.com is liable for loss only up to the cost of the current repair performed.

We are not responsible for your data when we are working on your computer or troubleshooting your computer. Please backup your data if it is very critical to you. You agree that you will not hold iRecoverData.com liable for any data loss.

iRecoverData.com can backup your data only if requested to do so by the customer and pay any additional fees.
Data backup, ghosting, drive imaging, drive copying, data transfer, depends on the condition of your disk and data integrity and cannot be guaranteed.

You will void your warranty if you or any unauthorized person adds or removes any device from the computer. This also applies in the event of removing our cables, changing any settings in the network or moving any data jacks that we install. After the initial one-month period, any computers, network, and system related issues would be treated as a new service call.

No refunds or returns are accepted on any products sold or services performed.

iRecoverData.com technicians are not responsible for tutoring. We do not provide this service.

iRecoverData.com may, at its discretion, outsource part or all of your services, as needed. Occasionally, we may recommend contacting another I.T. company directly.

iRecoverData.com will not do any work without your consent. If our technicians find anything else wrong with your system besides what you mentioned, you will be notified with an estimate. If you agree, work will be done and you can apply the balance upon completion. The technician will call our office for approval of work.
If iRecoverData.com is required to take your computer to our shop we will upon delivery or your picking up, hook up everything for you and show you the working system and give you all the details about the service performed. If you refuse this, and call for the same issues, we are not responsible and will treat such a call as a new service call. Also, if you call us back with a different problem other than what was worked on we will treat such call as a new service call.

iRecoverData.com can not be held responsible for any viruses or spyware that may affect the computer after the initial visit and cleaning. Any future virus removals will be treated as a new service call and billed accordingly.

Hardware or software upgrades can lead to system incompatibilities and instability. We are highly trained professionals, but do not write the software nor manufacture the hardware components. As such, we can not guarantee the system will remain stable, due to hardware or software errors and incompatibilities.

Unless told by you, any replaced (old or non-working) hardware will be disposed of or recycled by iRecoverdata.com.

Any orders for parts, devices, or systems ordered by iRecoverData.com after receiving authorization from client, constitutes a commitment of the client to pay for the items plus the cost of any labor charges associated with them. If client decides not to proceed with all or part of any services related to items ordered, client is still responsible for the full cost of the items.

Repairs and optimizations may require the addition or removal of software. It is understood and accepted that iRecoverData.com can add or remove programs as necessary to complete the repair and/or optimization of the computer.

iRecoverData.com is not held responsible for any and all hardware or software malfunctions or accidents that may occur before, during or after work is performed on client’s computer, or any result thereof.

You must be the owner, or have the permission of the owner, for us to work on your equipment. We will only take instructions for work from the designated owner.

The completion time for all work cannot be guaranteed. Unforeseen circumstances may arise and impact the ability to complete your work. Whether opting for emergency or standard service, we do strive to complete all work on a timely basis.

All services are by appointment. Please call or email for all services or to schedule a time to pick up your equipment. A time must be agreed upon by both parties either by phone or email. Simply leaving a voicemail or filling out the service form does not automatically create an appointment. We may be out on a service call or have other appointments near your appointment time. If you arrive at a different time than we have scheduled, or show up without an appointment, we may not be available.

Please provide 24 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment. Our schedule is based on set appointment times. If we are waiting for a customer to show up for an appointment, we are not able to go out onsite. This not only affects us, but other customers for that day.