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July 2016

Windows Updates Failing

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Most computers running Windows operating systems are set to have Windows Updates applied automatically (usually around 3 AM). Those new updates are released by Microsoft generally on Tuesdays. Those updates contain security updates and other fixes (sometimes new features) that keep the operating system running smoothly, for the most part. The computer is set to […]

September 2015

Microsoft Technical Help

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When you are unable to use your Windows computer and the system is becoming unusable, you’re in need of Microsoft technical help services. Contacting Microsoft support generally will get you nowhere. Contacting us will provide you with a real live person you can meet and discuss your computer issues with, unlike other online only businesses […]

Laptop Screen Repair

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Have you dropped your laptop by tripping over the chord? Did your dog run by and smash it to the ground? Whatever happened, if your screen is broken, you need our laptop screen repair service! How much does it cost to repair the laptop screen? We charge $90 plus the cost of the screen.

Whether your screen […]

August 2015

Computer Repair Service

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If your laptop,  desktop or server is not working, behaving erratically, or is otherwise slow, contact us for service. We offer computer repair and services for all makes and models of computers. From software issues to upgrades and hardware repair, you can come to us for any issue.

We are based in and service Central Square, NY.  We […]