Microsoft Technical Help

When you are unable to use your Windows computer and the system is becoming unusable, you’re in need of Microsoft technical help services. Contacting Microsoft support generally will get you nowhere. Contacting us will provide you with a real live person you can meet and discuss your computer issues with, unlike other online only businesses that will more than likely connect you to someone out of the country that you can barely understand!

I can be your Microsoft help desk support person, both on a per incident or contracted basis. Unlike others in the industry who may or may not have a certification, I actually hold three college degrees, one of them in Information Science, so I am well versed in the problems of many different computer systems.

Contact me today to set up an appointment to discuss your needs, 315-676-9096.

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About the Author:

Working with computers since the Commodore 64. He has been working with technology support ever since his mother asked for help on the computer in the early 80's. Holding three college degrees places him far and above most in this field. Able to articulate difficult solutions so the average user can understand them, Kirk is a great fit for your technology consultant needs. Call 315-676-9096 for an appointment today.