Beware of Used iPhones

2015-08-27T13:23:31-04:00By |iRecoverData Tech Blog|

Recently I purchased a couple of used/damaged iPhones on eBay. These phones were bought to be used for parts and to hone my skills for repairing iPhones. Both phones had physical damage. One had a broken screen and the other did not turn on at all. They both also had two important issues that the […]

Cheap Laptop Batteries

2018-02-27T15:04:22-05:00By |iRecoverData Tech Blog|

Last week a customer came in for a laptop battery replacement. Her laptop ran fine from the charger but her existing battery wasn’t holding a charge. The old battery was most likely the original one, as it generally only went to 7% charge even though it was always plugged in. So a new battery was […]

Data Recovery

2015-08-08T00:04:03-04:00By |iRecoverData Tech Blog|

If you’ve experienced data loss, a computer crash, your laptop fell, your hard drive failed or became corrupted, you need something called data recovery. Basically this is what is sounds like. Files were lost from one of those issues and they have to be restored or recovered.

When people attempt data recovery on their own or allow […]

Computer Repair Service

2015-08-07T19:58:16-04:00By |iRecoverData Tech Blog|

If your laptop,  desktop or server is not working, behaving erratically, or is otherwise slow, contact us for service. We offer computer repair and services for all makes and models of computers. From software issues to upgrades and hardware repair, you can come to us for any issue.

We are based in and service Central Square, NY.  We […]

Laptop Water Damage

2015-08-07T19:58:37-04:00By |iRecoverData Tech Blog|

A customer brought in a laptop the other day stating it had water damage. She turned it on afterwards and found that the keyboard was not working correctly, some keys didn’t work on one side.

If this happens to you I recommend NOT turning it on at all, even removing the battery. The entire laptop should […]

Windows 10 Upgrade Service

2018-02-27T15:04:22-05:00By |iRecoverData Tech Blog|

windows 10 logo
Windows 10 is now available. Users who already own Windows 7 or 8 probably have seen the message at the bottom of their screens advertising the availability of the upgrade. Microsoft would have everyone believe that the upgrade to their new operating system is […]

HP Printer Scam

2015-08-07T19:59:33-04:00By |iRecoverData Tech Blog|

I had an HP printer that printed quite well. Didn’t have it for very long, but for the short time it was in service the prints were very good. One day however, a message appeared on my screen, ink threshold exceeded – and the printer would NOT print the one simple page I wanted.

If you have an […]

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