windows 10 logo
Windows 10 is now available. Users who already own Windows 7 or 8 probably have seen the message at the bottom of their screens advertising the availability of the upgrade. Microsoft would have everyone believe that the upgrade to their new operating system is easy, and you can just click a few buttons and away you go – if only things worked that way in real life!

The reality is, there are thousands of different computers out there, and millions of different software configurations that each individual computer has. Microsoft could not possibly account for all the different possibilities. I do NOT recommend performing this update on your own. Contact me for an appointment at 315-676-9096 so your system will be safely and properly updated. Currently the charge for this service is $120. This should be done soon, however, as the free upgrade is only available until the end of the year. After that, Microsoft has eluded to charging for their new operating system.