If you’ve experienced data loss, a computer crash, your laptop fell, your hard drive failed or became corrupted, you need something called data recovery. Basically this is what is sounds like. Files were lost from one of those issues and they have to be restored or recovered.

When people attempt data recovery on their own or allow someone with limited knowledge to attempt the recovery process, things can go terribly wrong. Many times the drive that has the data only has limited life left and is about to fail. Without advanced knowledge on how to get your files in a timely manner the chances of success are greatly reduced. Another issue is that the methods used by the vast majority are not the best for the particular issue. A recovery may be attempted but result in failure. If someone more knowledgeable were to perform the work a successful outcome may be better achieved.

I’ve had great results with my methods for recovery. The costs for this service have ranged from $350 to $4,000. These prices should not be measured based on prices from what professionals such as myself call pizza techs. Essentially untrained people looking for a quick buck. For many their data is irreplaceable. For a business that experiences data loss a failed attempt could result in them going out of business, or at the very least losing customers and future income.

While I provide this service to the entire world, I receive most of my business locally from areas in and around Central Square and Fulton as well as Syracuse. Contact me for an appointment as soon as you experience a data loss at 315-676-9096.