malware keyboard

New PC malware is so invasive, it loads before Windows. This makes things quite a bit more dangerous for those running any version of Microsoft Windows.

Even if your system is displaying no virus infection warnings, it could still be infected. This is called a rootkit or bootkit. Several free versions of antivirus software don’t even scan the boot code, or the section of your hard drive that loads before the operating system. What this means for you is that your system could have an infection lurking in the deep places of your systems just waiting for the dreaded kill switch or other infection code to wreak havoc.

So how do you do anything about something you don’t know you have? Simply contact us for a checkup on your systems.  Don’t wait until your systems are displaying signs of infection. We’ll perform a deep scan on your drives to determine if it is infected, and if not, we’ll offer backup systems and services that are best for your situation. Don’t wait until your computer is infected severely. If you are unlucky enough to already be experiencing this or other malware issues our virus removal service is available to Syracuse NY, Central Square NY and other surrounding areas. If you are able to bring your system to us, this service is offered at a flat rate.