Unless this is performed onsite, this is done at a flat rate, one time charge. As of this date the charge is $120. If you are interested in a service plan you can get unlimited virus removals for the entire year for just $199. Just two virus infections and that will already save you money!

Prevention is always better than trying to fix a problem once the issue arises. Two BIG things you can do to avoid a virus are:

  1. Install a GOOD antivirus program. Keep it updated and have it scheduled to scan regularly.
  2. Setup some sort of backup system. Ideally it would consist of FULL computer backups AND separate file backups.

If you need help setting up either of the prevention options above, contact me for an appointment.

I’ve been removing viruses for several years for my clients in and around Syracuse, NY. When you’re infected you want your system running quickly and in short order. This is something we excel at here at iRecoverData.com. When your computer or laptop (even server) is behaving strangely, it could be infected with a virus or trojan. Contact me at 315-676-9096 so you can have your computer running again.