When you start looking for a data recovery company you probably will find large firms in other states, or the other extreme, small data recovery companies pretending to be able to perform the work but in reality having no real knowledge in this area. So on the one side you have companies wanting over $5,000 just as a beginning estimate, and the other side you see a small repair shop charging $75 and promising the world. Who should you believe?

I would believe the larger company if your data is at all important to you, but unless you’re uber rich, come here instead! Our data recovery cost is the same for everyone. If you need data recovery in the Syracuse, NY area, we’re not very far away, only about 20 miles north of Syracuse, located in Central Square, NY.

As far as costs go, hard disk data recovery cost can be expensive. Software recovery data recovery service cost is on the lower end of the scale, starting from $350 and can go up to $995. Hardware data recovery  pricing starts at $895 and can go up to $4,500, but that’s pretty much the worst case scenario.

If you’ve checked out Best Buy or Staples and they promise they can perform data recovery, the truth is they do not do this service at all. They are re-sellers and ship your drive off to the larger companies that charge very high fees, as mentioned above. They also are not performing this service for free, so whatever the cost would have been, most likely it is even higher since you’re going through them, as a third party instead.

Also keep this in mind, usually when you need a data recovery specialist, there is a limited window for a successful recovery. Your drive may be failing and only have a limited amount of life left. If you ship it or entrust your hard drive to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, your drive may fail in the process, or be damaged along the way. This severely limits the chances of success and can also increase the cost of data recovery since more work may be required. The worst case scenario your drive may become damaged so severely that a successful data recovery is not possible at all.

So if you’re looking for a data recovery company in the Syracuse area, we can come to your or you can come to us. Either way, we’ll treat your device with care. There is a minimum charge of $60 to evaluate your device. Should you receive an estimate and choose not to proceed, you only owe the minimum charge.

We have several happy individuals, businesses and organizations who have utilized our data recovery services. If you require this service, contact us today!

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