Do you have problems constantly having your computers getting infected by computer viruses? Have you searched online too long to find virus removal costs? Have your kids installed software that is making your computers behave strangely? Stop searching, buy this service now!

I’m up front with my pricing. Everything brought in is flat rate! Always check my main page to find the current pricing, as of today, unlimited virus removal costs $199. This service is for one computer. We’ll remove all the viruses and spyware from your computer. Next we’ll run a performance boost which cleans up unnecessary content and processes. If Windows needs repairing, we’ll do that too. Also included is a 1 year antivirus license with the current top antivirus program. Finally we’ll top it off by cleaning your computer of all the physical grime. Best of all, you’ll be protected with an antivirus program and free virus removals for an entire year!

I’m located in Central Square, so if you need computer virus removal and are located in Central Square, stop by or give me a call for an appointment today! Even if you’re in another location, as far as Oswego or Syracuse, still contact me for this service. A better service package and attention to detail can’t be found elsewhere. Sign up for our unlimited virus removal service today! Call 315-676-9096