Ubiquity Router

If you’ve been shopping for a new wireless router recently, you know of the issues in finding a good router let alone setting one up. Don’t rely on your internet service provider (ISP) to set this up for you either. If they do anything for you the most they’ll generally do is setup your router and wireless network so that you have access to the internet from the device. Also if you’re lucky they’ll give you a password so it’ll be some what secure. If you’re concerned about security for your network or have any interest in changing some of the settings in the future, good luck getting support from your ISP. The other problem with using a router provided by them is that it most likely will not have any options to change settings, and if it does, it will be so limited or locked down, that not much can be done anyway.

Now as for finding a good router for replacing your ISP provided device, the best one depends on your intended use and budget. There are two brands that I generally recommend, Lynksys and Ubiquity. An excellent Linksys  router is the WRT3200 ACM. It offers pretty good range and lots of capabilities and features. It can even be flashed with DD-WRT, an alternative software that will run the router providing increased functionality. This is how I’m running mine here at home and for the business. As for the Ubiquity router, things get a bit more complicated.

Ubiquity offers a wired only router, the EdgeRouter X. A more robust version is the Ubiquiti Networks – ERPOE-5. Either router, along with many of the Ubiquity products, offers a very stable and secure environment, but is rather difficult in setting up. Also, in order to have wireless capabilities, an additional product must be purchased. However, but separating the wireless and wired services into two (or more) separate devices you can increased redundancy in the event of issues or failure in components. Ubiquity offers many different products for adding wireless capabilities to your network, from indoor to outdoor units with differing range capacities as well. Even when you add in separate units for this functionality the Ubiquity product line can be purchased for about the same cost as the recommended Linksys router. Keep in mind that expansion and stability are what you’re getting with this option. Another capability of the Ubiquity routers is that of remote management. If you enlist us to setup this or a similar model for you we can manage all your network settings remotely!

Even if you just purchased another router from the local store we can help you in setting up your network and wireless access. If you want faster internet and better equipment in your home or business, call today to setup this service, 315-676-9096.