Windows 8 automatic repair loop

A Slow Laptop

A customer brought in their Gateway laptop yesterday. Windows 8 is installed and she said it was acting very slow. She was in a hurry to get a diagnosis so I initially said it could be a virus. After all, a virus will slow down a computer as well. Once I determined that the laptop was so slow it could not have any repair utilities run on it directly I removed the drive and powered it with another system. It was then determined that the drive was actually failing.

Windows 8 was later in a repair loop with the message stating,¬†diagnosing your pc, attempting repairs. Several¬†fixes are all over the internet, stating to change this or that setting, however, none take into account the possibility of a failing drive! That’s just what was happening here. The drive had such severe errors that a data recovery service was now necessary.

Turn it Off!

So if you’re in a Windows 8 automatic repair loop with your system, I urge you to just turn it off immediately! If the problem is a failing hard drive, it could die at any minute.

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