If you’ve experienced a hard drive failure, lost the ability to turn on your computer, or seen a message on your computer telling you that your disk drive needs to be formatted, you need a data recovery service. The cost of data recovery can vary greatly, however, there are two main types of data recovery: logical and hardware. Logical can be thought of as software recovery, meaning the physical components of your drive or device are still functioning. Hardware means that there are one or more problems with your physical drive or device.

Understanding the two types of recoveries, the average cost of data recovery depends on which problem your device has. Generally speaking, logical recoveries are at the lower price scale while hardware recoveries can be much more expensive, moving into the thousands of dollars.

My pricing for logical data recovery starts at $350 and can go up to $995.
Hardware data recovery pricing starts at $895, and has gone up to as much as $4,500.

Both of those pricing structures are most probably more than you may have been prepared for, especially if you’ve come from someone else or another site claiming they can retrieve your valuable data for the price of a movie night out with your family. Watch out for those promising the stars for such a low amount, they use very risky methods, are not trained, and can hurt the chances of ever obtaining your files. My pricing is what it is for a reason – real tools are expensive. Also, quite frankly, I’m better than most.

I understand that most people want to find out the pricing for data recovery service and are searching around to find out the best price, however, when you start to compare pricing for the real data recovery companies, you may quickly realize that what I offer combines value with professional knowledge. Combine that with the fact that I offer a diagnostic service for $100. If you come here to find out if your data is recoverable, I will provide you with a quote. The time spent to determine if your data is salvageable will only incur the diagnostic charge if you elect NOT to proceed with the recovery.

So if you’re in need of this service contact me as soon as possible by calling 315-676-9096.