I received a message last week that someone was given a computer, actually it was a server, simply because it had a virus. The Syracuse employer for whatever reason believed that the server could not be repaired because it was infected with computer viruses. The company whole heartedly  believed that they had no other recourse but to throw out the expensive system because of a computer virus.

As long as the person receiving the computer understands how to remove the viruses (there usually are many more than one, thousands is the norm) or will take it to someone such as myself for virus removal service then they are getting a good deal. The company that is making this error is not making out as well. For my $50 hourly rate or $120 flat rate, the server could have been saved. Servers cost anywhere from $1,500 to several thousands of dollars.

Fox News published an article a couple years ago about a government agency destroying $170,000 worth of computers, and subsequently over one million dollars on the same notion, that a computer is garbage and should be thrown out because of a virus infection. I occasionally get this question from customers as well, should I just throw out my computer and buy another one?  The answer is no!

A computer virus affects the software of a computer system only. The hardware is untouched, though may be inaccessible because of the malware infections. Having heard that the government destroyed computers because of virus infections, I’m very surprised that I.T. staff within the government allowed (or possibly sanctioned) this to happen. Any computer can become infected with a virus. So getting a new computer, server, laptop, whatever, will not solve the problem.

Calling me for a virus removal service will solve the problem. Whether you’re an individual or company located in Syracuse or its surrounding areas to the north, east, south or west, call 315-676-9096 for computer virus removals and repairs.