I hear this all the time. Someone connected to my computer, now I have a virus!

If you own a small business in Syracuse, NY, you need your computer systems working. Any down time is lost money. A few internet searches reveal a remote support website so you go ahead and give them a try. The company sounds legitimate enough so you give them a credit card number and follow their directions over the phone. The representative has you download a program to your computer that they say will allow them to remote control your computer.

There is nothing wrong with the above scenario. Remote support has been done that way for several years. The problem occurs when someone has connected to your computer that cannot or should not be trusted. The person pretending to be a remote support professional only has one goal, to get you to allow them in to connect to the computer. Once they’ve accomplished that, your data and possibly your financial information as well as your identity are in jeopardy.

The call doesn’t have to be initiated by the owner of the computer. Many times a call will come in to the person’s home or business from a very professional sounding but forceful speaking individual saying that your computer has been infected and they must connect to it remotely, now! They generally ask for money as a service fee. The computer owner is caught off guard and allows this anonymous person to connect to their computer system. Now hackers have access to your credit card, all your data and can also use your computer in any way they see fit. When I hear the phrase, someone has connected to my computer, it’s also a good bet that the computer is infected with viruses and malware.

Never allow an unsolicited caller access to your computer, even if they claim they’re from Microsoft or Windows (Microsoft is the actual company, but they won’t call you). It doesn’t matter what they say on the phone, they are flat out lying to you! If in doubt with a remote support company, call someone local – like me. I offer fast service as well but you can put a face with the support service. I’m also in business to provide real support and business solutions. I can offer remote support for Syracuse, NY and surrounding areas, but many times I’ve found it best to do the work in person. Call 315-676-9096 for an appointment today.