You’ve just turned on your computer and just a few seconds into the normal booting up process you’re confronted with the message, Disk boot failure – Insert system disk and press enter.

Anything you attempt to fix the issue results in the same message. It just doesn’t make any sense does it? The system was working fine the day before but now even after several reboots the computer just will not work. So what caused this and what can you do?

There are a few common causes and a few solutions that range from simple to rather involved. The first one I’ll discuss is the simplest one – a cable was jarred loose. This message basically indicates that the computer, laptop, what have you, can not read or find the disk that holds your operating system. So, a possible simple solution is the cable came loose. Maybe your dog or cat ran by and smashed it or your kids knocked the computer a bit. If you know how to check the cables, great, do that. If it was loose and you reboot and everything works I just saved you our minimum charge.

The other most common issue that causes the insert system disk message is that your drive has actually failed.  The result is the same as previous, however with no power there is the other issue of possible data loss. I hope you have a backup for your system as drives with power issues are the more pricey of our data recovery services. In either case, your system can be repaired. Getting hold of a recovery disk or repair disk will not magically fix this problem, contrary to what other sites on the internet will promise. If your drive doesn’t power on at all how can a repair disk be of any help at all? This problem generally entails a complete operating system installation and a new drive.

Contact me for repairing your system if you receive the message insert system disk or disk boot failure. I can get your system working promptly, and if needed provide data recovery services for your inaccessible files as well.