There are several ways to backup your computer. There are also several places for storing your files. If you know how much space you’ll need, then the best media, or destination type, becomes easier to figure out. For instance, a few gigabytes of data can fit on smaller thumb drives and even blank DVD discs. Even if your data adds up to over 64 gigabytes, everything will generally fit on a larger capacity thumb drive without issue. When things start to get dicey is when your total data size exceeds that amount, or you just aren’t sure of your needs, or how much everything adds up to.

For those who are unsure about the total size of their data, an external drive or even online backup services may be a better choice. The future needs for data storage can be almost forgotten for those willing to pay for online backups. However, one should not rely on just one place to store their information. Much like investing in the stock market, you need to diversify – hedge your bets in a manner of speaking. Should one method or media fail, then data would reside on another drive or even in a different form. Generally I recommend to all my customers to have their data in at LEAST three places, even more if you can afford to do so. Believe me when I tell you, backups are ALWAYS going to be less expensive than data recovery.

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