When you turn on your computer it brings up a strange list of options, but never loads Windows. Even when you choose an option, such as safe mode, or last good configuration, it just reboots, then you’re right back to where you started. This is understandably VERY annoying.

If you can’t get past the computer bios or boot screen, there can be several possible issues with your computer. However, if you’re caught in an endless loop and the bios / computer boot screen continuously displays no matter what option you choose, there is most likely a problem with your hard drive. The boot screen can sometimes get you into trouble if you choose the wrong option, but if no matter what option is chosen you get a reboot, the hard drive is most likely to blame.

Sometimes the hard drive can be repaired, as there is a method to bypass bad areas and continue working with the same drive. Other times it is just a sign that you should replace the drive as soon as possible.

One customer contacted me recently about this very issue. The continuous reboot cycle was in effect, no matter what option was chosen within the boot screen. I was able to repair the drive onsite and the customer was able to continue working. However, I advised the customer that they should back up their data SOON, as the drive will most likely fail soon. Then they were advised to call for another appointment when ready so I could replace the drive and clone their data or install Windows from scratch.  Cloning a failing drive is not always possible if there is too much damage. When too much damage occurs, data loss is more than likely.

If your system is stuck in an endless reboot and you can’t get past the boot screen, contact me ASAP to avoid any further damage! The more time that passes the more likely data loss will occur. Call 315-676-9096 for an appointment today. Early and after normal business hours appointments are available.