People stop in and call with the question, how much does a virus removal cost, or what do you charge to remove a virus all the time. First off, my pricing is found on my services page, so if you’re looking for the current price, it can all be found there. Now I’ll talk a little about the question.

Many people search out services based on price, and that’s it. This makes sense if you plan on spending a certain amount and no more, but there’s a little more to it than that. If you’ve never paid for a virus removal and learn my pricing then you might think it’s too expensive, however, the standard virus removal I perform for all my customers in Upstate NY (including Syracuse and Central Square, NY, where my business is located) is already almost half what the big box stores charge, such as Staples and the Geek Squad. My training in computers is also much more in depth than employees in those stores, as I actually hold a four year degree in Information Science.

Next, there is another Service option for my virus removal service – I call it a service plan. This service plan includes a year of free virus removals should your system become infected again, as well as a full version install of the best antivirus program I currently use. Having a full version of a virus removal program and not relying on a free version enables you to be more up to date with virus signatures as well as no nagging registration popups common for free programs. Also with this service plan your system will have a performance boost, similar to what other companies call a tune-up. For pricing check the services page above.

If you’re shopping around for the best virus removal cost available in the area, pricing is not the best measure for this service. Check out my reviews with the menu option above as well, ask around town, you’ll find I’m the best at virus removal. Although my location is in Central Square, NY, customers have driven far to bring their systems to me for service. I also offer onsite services for Syracuse NY as well as many other areas in Upstate NY. Contact me for an appointment today at 315-676-9096. Early and after hours appointments are available.