Have you recently been confronted with the message on your cell phone, data storage device not being recognized? Did you have all your photos and other data stored on your sd card? What you’re experiencing is possible data loss, and what is required is a service called data recovery or cell phone data recovery.

Something has happened to your sd card, located inside your cell phone. It is a small memory device that stores files for later use. With the lack of heat dissipation inside your cell phone there is no wonder that these little products fail or become corrupted.

We are the only true data recovery company located in Central Square, NY. This service will cost more than you may be comfortable with, however. You are of course free to choose who you wish to work on your device but each attempt at a repair or recovery lessens the chance of a successful outcome and generally even lowers the life of the device. Most people do not know this, but these small solid state devices have a limited lifespan.

Call us for an appointment for service if you truly desire to recover your lost data at 315-676-9096. Pricing can be found on our main page.