slow computer

Slow computer performance can have many causes. Windows could be needing a cleanup, your hard drive my be having issues, a virus infection could also be the culprit. As you can see, there is a vast difference in these possibilities. From hardware problems to a virus infection. Each issue has a very different solution. Of course, these possibilities are not all encompassing, they are just some of the most found reasons for experiencing a slow computer.

If the problem is from Windows needing a cleanup, simply running a free program found on the internet is not the best fix. The program you are planning on using to resolve your issues may actually be a virus or malware in disguise and will result in a worse problem for your home or business productivity.

When a hard drive problem is causing your slow computer performance the urgency for a fix depends on your need for a working computer. That hard drive running Windows inside your system could fail at any time resulting in complete data loss or at the very least a non functioning computer. If the problem is found and resolved fast enough the costs for repair could be much lower than if you waited until it got worse.

Virus infection and associated malware will end up dramatically slowing down any system, but that’s not the only headache associated with this issue. There is the real possibility of having all your data hijacked from someone located anywhere in the world. Those behind such infections could hold your data in an encrypted form, demanding any sum of money they choose. If you truly need the data located on your system unlocked and have no means of restoring from a backup, your choices are limited.

If you’re interested in resolving your slow computer performance we can help. Based on the issues it is having, even purchasing a new computer will not resolve the issues as you could experience the very same problems almost immediately after setting up the new system. You do know how to setup a new system for your home or business don’t you? If not, we can help with that too.